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Wills & Simple Estate Planning

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What Is Simple Estate Planning?

Simple estate planning generally involves protecting your estate — which is made up of the property and financial assets you own — for when you pass away. Proper estate planning can ensure that you are prepared, your family is protected, and your wishes are respected when tragedy strikes. Simple estate planning also includes preparing for the potential inability to make your own medical decisions. For instance, you may become incapacitated due to an medical emergency and need help carrying out your wishes. Although the subject of what happens after a loved one dies may be uncomfortable, Everyday Legal by FindLaw can provide you the tools to make the estate planning process as painless as possible.

Free Simple Estate Planning Forms

Some legal issues are easier to navigate than others. When you have a simple legal issue, try our free forms library. For 24/7 access to your free forms, register with Then go ahead and fill out and edit your forms online, any time that is convenient for you.

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